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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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developing story.../ as... ... baltimore city poli detective... a warra.... t... &pmaae... an... illegal a.f d. late eti,... officer rridedda an's home charges... keith daniell... live downtown... outside the city &p wherr. prosecutors fileddcharges.. keithh the ict. t&cts nameeis adam io lewellen. he's a 30-year- viooent ccime iipact section. and now, according o this &pindictment, he faces sever missonduct...... urd 3 and 6 other officers used tive forced to gee inside this home
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east avenueein march. d asuteeayy man who lived there. charggs were later dropped against hii. according to court papers, prosecutoosslearned lewellln may havv lied when he told a judge the mannhad been seen dealing drugs duuing a cen'cotilion cident.. but thh arrest. (mr. wunder/neighbor) "you always thiik of the pplice officer beinggon your side. so, that's kind of sccry actually that they would go and do that..' that..'(mr. prodey/neighbor) "it's crazy, like, peopleethat ain't even doing nothiig, the cops go after. but there's other people around here doing way mmre stuff anddnothi for now, lewellen is suupended.. he's lost is police powers.. he's on administrrtive duttes. a ppokesman did say.. if lewellen's convict of lreitni fe's aatomatically re as eon 16 year old.... as...
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muuder....of a... parkville man. pan...//. baltimore... police... say.... warren-trez... blount.../ homewood venue....tuusday . --3 night....//. oo -s. shnghae two... knew... each f the pther...///. the identified... as... 41 year old michael allen. "when officers came found a 41 year old mmn sufferiig from gunshot wounds to thh condition until he died from injuries"es" plount he second teen... to be rrested thi wwek... in connection with a 3&some baltimooe city residents pre fed up wwth the poor conditions aa their apartments. myranda stephens hamoren why neithhthe nnoheyyimesiby!siby! there's no floor 48 stephanie e &pfaulkner's 3 edition. ffo45 news late myranda sttphens, fox45 news late dition.
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a spokesperssn for prisoners aid says the organizaaion hasn't been responsible forr jry now... at p maximum seeurity prison... in.... pennsylvania../ in... protective custody ... because stays... in a cell by himself... and... will have an escort....whenever he leaves the cell...//.he's... hour of exrcise... fe the child sex abuse trial....//
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his attorneys arr appealing.... meantime.../ new charges... inn.. the penn state... case... / former university preeident... praham spanier.../// sppnier's... charged with... sevel ounts.../ innding perju,... l oil . for his possi this....scanddl. .../also... acinn the same charges...// are... former uuiversity... vice presidenn... gary schultz ...and... former athletic direetor tom curley....// year.n... frrm penn ssate last a... new ad obama....?. hopes... to... drum up pupport... forrthe maryland dream act...// . tuition... to... illegal immigrantss 3 "theee arr young people who study ii our schools, play in our neighborhoo, ey'' plldge allegianne to our lag. these yype aoi etk aoarpa crbnsouci"
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thad was asnlbyuug ard . &pltwo running a millioo dollar tv o - and radio ad campaign in ballimooe and d.c. hereein prssandopponents of the dream act...aaemaking one last ph ..ldilllection ay.qust &ptuitionnt maryland colleges. but they would have to graduate frrm a maryland high &pschool...andcomplett two year pt aacommunitycollegg.their parents...would also ave to pastthree years. "what yyu'r oing is you're giving ssmeone wo has not invested anything in the &pcommunity an oppootunity to en net aelmeelatn e not?" a recent baltimore sun poll undters virtuaaly sslit on iu l vestns regarding thh maryland referendums... fox45
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pill air votee2012 special get ii-depth explanations of the dream act referendum... the same-sex marriage refere... nd th-rendol atmo n a... right here on fox45. the suuquehanna rivvr is rising with all thee runoff from sandy's rain. rain.aboutta dozen floodgatts are noopen at conowingo dam t inthesapeake bay. &plocal officiaas say the susquehanna bbingg pollutentss especially during major storms. state senator e-j piikin says neighboring states like pennsylvania and new yok need &pto ssare ressonsibility for the bay knows that when thii s dam is open ann that setiment is coming through, it's not a good thiig for the overall health f the bby."dr..beth mcgee, chesapeake bay sense to focus on onn state or onn pollutionnsector. he bottom line is everyyne nneds to do sometting from new york over to westirginia aad maryyand, virginia, wwo bay."the susquehanna miles.the chesapeaae bay -
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responbile for abouu third of the bays llutents. reetoring powwr fter sandy but there aae still someepower outages around the state.... state.... more thaa three hundded thousand bgg customers were restored ii 2 days....unllke he derecho bge says this ime around.....they had time to prepa.....more re mg paa restoring power....including nearly two thousand out of state workers.... 3 3pi was trull bleesed his time the dayyjjne 9th i monnhs to - experienced somethinggi've never experiencce before... beffre... right nnw theree are three thousand homms still less than ne perrcnt oo the
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people who lost power on monday. dozens of companies... have been worring.... to.. hhlp emove... hundreds oo trees... whhch have fle.. during superstorm ssndy. anlie rar a particuuarly omplex job: this crew spend hours working &pon a home n halifax court in glen arm. two massive trees felllon the same house and e geas compllcated.../ it cng bbought in.... we have to make ure the other very strateggc... there's a s mmthod to the quest" question" the job in glln arm was completed successfully after several hours... without any injuries. 3 3 it was a really bad day for one neighborhood that was instantly transformeddby sandy'ss inds. sa' th ,3paught on cama... by
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using hissllho froeell in is neighborhood... oneeeven falls in his driveway.. hitting the back offan s-u-v.a few secondss later... you can see something catthes fire in their neeghboos' yard. &p3a bad day for baltimore's east cold spring lane. lane. the 122inch main university..olddspring lane is closed completely from stium it'ssopen to locaa traffic two days, whhle crrws work to repair the homes were anddit's a great day to eea
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&pfr cash. giveaway?we're paying for your hanksgiving ese.. clk ur facebook &pcontests.then &pstarting monday ...on... fox4 morning news../ ww'll give awwy a 100- dollar gift card on fox 45 morning nnws... every hour... of the 3how... tartiig a 5 a-m..- pnother ccilly night on the way.&way. is in dfo your skywatch forecast. 3
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piding? the pprson who e - could answer all offour questions about whaa really happened fttr the terrorrst a man accuseddof tattooing gang symboos on children. why theeboys' mom is defendinggthe suspects 3 a moderr ddy bounty. why ttis woman wants police to
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shoot peoole in her store.
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republican lawmakers before -- during -- and affer phe september 1th aatack in li. libyy. wdellolee... the answers.pee.hoe ,../ answers. p3 3 behind waals. he or she ides - 3 310 thousand dollars dead or alive, preferably ddad. why this woman wants to reward cops who open 3 fireein hee store.cops who open aats to reward why this woman dead.alive, thousand 3 3 p3&pbehind wallss or she hidee effective, if he ambassador can't ccinton says an secy. of state the libyyn people. o his bond with the libyan people. secy. of state clinttn says an ambassador can't be beeind walls.
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3 3
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10 thousand 3
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3 & 3 behind walls. 3 &p3
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11 thousand ddllars dead or this woman wants to rewarddhy - copp who open fire in her store. tats for tots. why a
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earng 1% cash back needs a course in comn sensee.../ a ten year old boy was tazzred yoloneey"bse refusee to wash to cop's cruiser...//. that's the &pallegation in a new mexico lawsuittfiled this week...//. the officer ays he did taz the boy, but it was an accident, he thought the stun d to wash his .//. carr...//. when one of the boys refused he is quoted as what happens whee yoo don't boy took 50 thousaad volts tt the chestt//. the officerr t nnt// commonnsenne sayy, don't messs witt this wooan. a texas store owner says she's tired of getting robbed,,,../ so ee10thndla debra trejo is
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to any officer who shoots andd kills burrlars whoo it her store. trejo has loss more than 60 thousand dollarr of erchandise in more than half aaddoen bbeak-ins. reward aa a eterrent, ten pe fiejue her propeety. 3 "we would have a lot of break-ins. they'd be like onne a montt or once every two or three months." 3 and we know how it feels to - lose everything when ou work so hd o get wheee yoo're at." "i'm all for it." lasy keep the sense from anyone over the agee of 10 innthis story. two boys in oklahoma were taatooed with hispanic gang signs .../ and thhii moth... is defnn mcuofng../ uncle rocky gritts... put theseecroos tattoos on the handd oo thh five ann ttn says... even though... uncle
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taatooing ...the boys ....e tattooed the boys...///but... pleaa... not guilty... but court. 3 3 trick or trivia.. h ooe house is andiutandy mic-ofvi
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had to work... for saying pledge of all any candy... ayla taylor had 3 &pthe children who came to hee frontdoor... prove that they know sometti aboot the united states.they were all asked to recite the pledde off drwhveylsut the nation is. neighbbrhood say they actually study up before going to her house. the ravens can't movv the ball on the road...
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what their offensivee mastermind says is the reason for their struggles away from in sports unliiited... 3
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i'd like to drop out ofigl and get a meaningless job that makes me feel bad about myself. i'd like to fall victim to the old boys' network. i don't want anody to notice me. i wtodee r.ntspernse s in i don't have an opinion. i want to be a straight "c" student. i'm going to be a biomedical engineer. [ girls laughing ] i mean, i want to succumb to peer pressure all of my life. i'm going to be a bestelling novelist wie on okrd wait! i take mine back. i'm going to be a biomedical engineer. i think i'll be the president. i'm going to be secretary of state. world-class chef right he. racear driver. artist. eo he dirtor. scientist. olympian. i'm going to be the boss.
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i'm going to change the world. thht's all for the late edition, 'm jeff barnd. barnd. here's bruce cunnnngham withh - sports unlimited. unlimmted. you ddn't have to be a genius to urt 'sng and the offense is not picking up tte ssack... slack...and that is the unit that cam cameron is in chhrge of...and he addits they have pooplly betrr..or at least time out aaainst the hotoo texans..on top of that, the since john am fm& harbbugh nd joe flacco joined
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the team in 2008, theeeareea couppe offinteresting, ty have never lost comi off a bye ro.noen once...any kind of win streak is iipressive in the nnl, andthe to claim one.hey are fortunate - it's time to annone our higscool fek ergh brought to ou by the week annoocne our high t's time too annouune our high school game 3 et dco eek inner...brought ys pteehaspn.yo teewtba owings mills in football... thanks to everyone who vottd this sure to tune in tomorrow night for the hhghlights...
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that'ldd it for his edition of sports unlimited...i' bruce cunningham..tuneein to tit goodnight. goodnight. 3 what if you knew heaven is real because you'd seen it. suddenly the fear was gone. i wacomforted, i had a peace and joi ner hacayod t. enreita place. he is a real person. how would it change the way you lived your life? i got fulfillment, a purpose and a destiny today. get the realtory from those that see whahappenwhen we die on the "70club" this wk.
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your background is impressive, george, but, uh, how does it apply to what we do here


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